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Contactless car rental solution with 24/7 pick-up

Exciting news for small-budget car rental businesses as bigger-budget one! Now, with PASS2RENT, offering 24/7 car pick-up services is not only affordable but also incredibly convenient. PASS2RENT verifies the identity of the driver, secures the security deposit, allows rental contract signature, makes easy the car inspection, unlocks/locks the car, and more!

Few tips

PASS2RENT solution

Vehicle telemetry

Our skilled technician is installing a cutting-edge device onto your car today. This technology not only gathers telemetry data from your vehicle but also grants you the ability to conveniently lock/unlock your car doors and control engine access with ease.

Administration console

Discover our user-friendly interface designed to effortlessly handle all your vehicle management needs! From seamlessly registering reservations to effortlessly tracking their status, our intuitive platform puts you in control every step of the way.

Mobile application for the driver

With just a few taps, the drivers transmit their identity securely, authorize the security deposit, sign the rental contract, and track the location of the car when it's ready for pickup. Plus, unlock the vehicle effortlessly when they're ready to hit the road. It's hassle-free rental at their fingertips!

For the rental agent

Reservations management

made easy with our administration console

The reservations are registered via the admin console, or via an API

Then, a comprehensive user interface permits to follow the reservation, add instructions that will be displayed to the driver on the application.

Identity check of the driver

Our secured identity verification platform is checking the identity the driver 24/7. A match of the document picture is performed with the selfie taken by the application user. You can then verify that the driver meets the rental requirements by examining their driving license.


An electronic device mounted in the car is providing a set of information. With it, you can for example check the distance driven by your client at the end of the rent, check the difference of fuel level between the beginning and the end of the rent. You can also get the location where the driver left the car at the end of the car. For privacy reason, please note that this information is not accessible while the vehicle is being rented.

For the driver

Drivers download the PASS2RENT mobile application

PASS2RENT streamlines the identity verification process for drivers by enabling them to undergo the procedure once for multiple car rental agencies. The images of their identity documents are securely stored solely within the infrastructure of our trusted identity verification partner.

With the PASS2RENT application, drivers breeze through paying the security deposit, signing the rental contract, conducting the car inspection, and easily unlocking the vehicle with their mobile. It's hassle-free rental at your fingertips!

Secured identity verification

Rent contract signature

Embedded car inspection tool

Lock/unlock car

One app, multiple rental companies.

Security deposit authorization.